The Athena Theater podcast!  Recordings of our live radio theater variety presentations.  

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2013-01-05 Broadcast

The 2013 broadcast of the Athena Audio Theater Company!  There will be chills and thrills aplenty as air pirates take to the sky and archaeologists delve deep into an ancient temple!  Live music from Seamus McMullan, some comedic pieces, and the return of Friendly Thrillers!

This broadcast happened in studio A at WHUS radio at 12 pm EST on January 5, 2013.  Featured in the cast were Miriam Drew, and the six McMullans (Emmett, Seamus, Brendan, Andrew, Colin, and Jason).

Click here to download the complete broadcast


2012-01-14 part 1 - I Dream of the Stars

About three weeks ago I was proud to share a studio with my wonderful "band of brothers".  This is what we did.  

This year's performance features a long play called "I Dream of the Stars" and several shorter works under the collective heading "All the Single Ladies".  

All material was written and performed by the cast except for "Requiem", a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson which was respectfully included in "I Dream of the Stars" and a couple of songs that were adapted for use in "All the single ladies."

Download part 1


2012-01-14 part 2 - All the Single Ladies

Here is part 2!

Download part 2