This website hosts recordings of the infrequent Athena Audio Theater live radio performances and recordings of the weekly Athena Audio Book radio show and podcast. 

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New episodes!

Image: A personal shot from my trip to Sweden, Archipelago of Gothenburg

It's been a long time since I posted on the main page, I had a long weekend and I posted a bunch of new episodes in the book show that aired on my radio program in 2014. I'm still playing catch up, hoping to get that done in the next week or so, thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy the new episodes.

Some of the new episodes are a bit rough. Changes in my personal and professional life have left me with limited time to produce my book show, and I've gone back to doing live readings as the default method of production. This is exciting and fun, but it can also be sloppy at times, I don't get to fix mistakes and almost all of those mistakes are going out on the podcast version as well. My apologies if you don't like this format, of live readings with the occasional flubbed word or other issue, it's the only way I can bring out new shows frequently, and that is unlikely to change in the near term.

As some of you will know, I assist a group called the Prometheus Theater which is run by my friend Mark, they did two productions in 2014, a Halloween anthology and a production of Chekov's "Three Sisters", both can be found from links on the facebook page linked above. It's been a blast collaborating with them and there is more to come. 

I'm hoping to do a radio theater production of my own this year, still working on a couple of scripts so don't count on anything yet. If you want to get involved in the process please get in touch, I like collaborators!  

That's about it, thanks for checking in and thank you to everyone who subscribes to the book show, your interest in my work is both humbling and elevating, it gives me the energy to carry on producing the book show and working on content in general.




A Christmas Carol performed at WHUS Radio


On Wednesday December 11th I was privileged to assist in the broadcast of Dicken's classic story on WHUS radio.  The show was a blast, and the actors, singers, and other team members contributed to an amazing radio event.  Full audio of the event can be found here, and more details of the production are here

I was running the mxing board and provided some logistical help, but I don't appear in the audio.


The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen

Tonight on the book show the conclusion of this grim story from Arthur Machen.  A strange and somewhat scattered story of a hidden reality that lies superimposed on our own.  

Our blissful ignorance of this hidden world, caused by our inability to perceive it, is the only thing that protects us from that which dwells beyond the veil.  The preceding is the central conceit of the story, and it is a fine one for this type of genre fiction.  Machen seems here to be a man ahead of his time.  As much as he manages to skirt around the more grisly and tawdry elements of the story, he still drew a great deal of criticism for the themes and ideas expressed in the work.  You can find in machens words, in the atmosphere he creates, in the slow revelation of a hideous reality, many influences on modern horror.  

His influence on H.P. Lovecraft is difficult to overstate, and in particular this story connects directly to The Dunwich Horror by Lovecraft.  This is recommend reading, and will hopefully appear on the book show eventually.   

To catch the conclusion stream it from the at 9pm Eastern time on

to hear the whole story on whatever schedule suits you find it in itunes or by visiting


The Man Who Was Thursday!

Today I begin The Man Who Was Thursday on the Athena Audio Book.  Check it out here

This book, a rip roaring adventure of suspense, illusion, and paradox from G.K. Chesterton, was used by Orson Welles in one my favorite radio plays. I'm so happy to share it with you over the coming weeks. 

This marks a milestone on the book show, it is the 100th episode.  I love doing the show, and I know there are at least a few people listening, so here I will proclaim my aspiration and intention to do another 100 episodes!


Athena Audio Theater January 2012 recordings now available!

About three weeks ago I was proud to share a studio with my wonderful "band of brothers".  This is what we did.  

This year's performance features a long play called "I Dream of the Stars" and several shorter works under the collective heading "All the Single Ladies".  

All material was written and performed by the cast except for "Requiem", a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson which was respectfully included in "I Dream of the Stars" and a couple of songs that were adapted for use in "All the single ladies."

The complete show can be found by clicking here or opening "recordings" above and opening "2012 01 14".